Hollyaire Farm

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Hollyaire Farms was a 110 acre Farm owned and operated by Vaughn and Mary Ball. Hollyaire was a second home to the Ball Family which they moved back to after retirement. At the time Hollyaire grew cherries, both sweet and sour, blackberries, walnuts, peaches, filberts, and their most known crop- Holly trees which were harvested and used during the Holiday season for Christmas wreaths. Holly decor was mailed around the globe. Vaughn Ball passed away in 1991 after 50 years of marriage to Mary. Hollyaire was split up and sold. Yet the Holly and sour cherry trees still remain on about 15 acres. To bring back a beautiful agricultural history, this 15 acres is known once again as Hollyaire.


“It was on Hollyaire that Mary felt the most rooted and held onto the greatest memories of her life,” States a passage from Mary Ball’s Obituary posted in the Salt Lake Tribune.